Toyobo AC Apparatus Department

VOC Gas Treatment Apparatus Improves Manufacturing Environments

Toyobo takes pride in its VOC gas treatment apparatus, with over 30 years of proven performance and reliability. Apparatus created with the development of our activated carbon fiber K-FILTER™ is contributing to energy conservation and environmental improvement at manufacturing sites.

HONEYROTOR™ Absorption and Concentration Apparatus

This apparatus applies K-FILTER and other honeycomb structure activated carbon absorbent or zeolite honeycomb structure absorbent for specific uses. The recovered low-concentration VOC gases are concentrated and then incinerated at LCD and semiconductor manufacturing plants, etc.

Activated Carbon Fiber K-FILTER

Because of its fast absorption speed, the K-FILTER removes organic solvent gases surely and quickly. Toyobo was the first company in the world to commercialize the K-FILTER.

K-FILTER VOC Recovery Apparatus

Most customers who use Toyobo's K-FILTER VOC absorption recovery apparatus re-use the recovered solvents as they are, without any refining. This is the merit of the K-FILTER VOC recovery apparatus in providing high-quality recovered solvent. Of course, the recovered solvents are refined by certain users and for certain uses.

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TOYOBO U.S.A. is a supplier of HONEYCOMB BLOCKS such as HONEYROTER, K-FILTER provided by Toyobo AC Apparatus Department.